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New Major Upgrade (V2.0)
Tarot eCards™ V2.0 represents a major upgrade to the Multi-Deck Tarot eCards User Interface and App functionality, and it's still FREE. More unique features have been added to provide users with an improved, feature rich Tarot experience that is easier to use. Version 2.0 features an improved interface design, enhanced with icons for easier navigation; Improved Readability with a tool for enlarging or changing Fonts; adapted for high resolution card images for more clarity and brilliance; View Image Details with a Special Magnifier tool; a more efficient App takes up less memory space and allows for faster downloading. The Basic App is still a FREE Download and includes the RWS2.0 Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck specially created for the Tarot eCards App.
Tarot eCards Features
Tarot eCards™is an innovative Multi-Deck Tarot App with an easy-to-use interface that works with many different Tarot decks using the same App. You can Read, Explore and Collect decks available from the In-App Store. All decks are digital version of the original for brilliant images and accurate interpretations and content.
  • Multi-Deck Tarot App for Reading, Exploring and Collecting different Tarot using the same App
  • Easy-to-use Interface works with any Tarot eCards deck
  • Build a personal collection from a growing selection of Tarot decks in the In-App Store
  • Keep notes on Readings and Send to friends using Sharing Tool
  • Enlarge the font for easier readability and magnify images for closer study
  • Includes the RWS2.0 Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot artfully reinterpreted by James Ricklef
  • Download the FREE Tarot eCard App from the App Store
Reading, Exploring and Collecting
Reading Function
  • Select from 30 Spreads created by Tarot Pros
  • Option to use any combination of Majors and Minor Arcana, or Reverse cards
  • Significator Tool assists in selecting the Significator card
  • Write, save notes and share Readings using our handy Share Tool
  • Quick Read and One-Card Reading feature provide "instant" or daily Readings
  • Change Backgrounds to suit your mood
Explore Function
  • Explore information about the Creator, the Tarot and individual cards
  • Get expanded card meanings with the Creator's personal commentary
  • View all card images with detailed meanings
  • No more Little White Book. All information and card meanings instantly accessible
Collect Tarot eCards
  • Build a personal Tarot eCard library of your favorite titles from the In-App Store.
  • An expanding selection of popular and Classic Tarot titles added regularly to the Store
  • Now Available: Whispering Tarot; Hezicos Tarot; Tarot of Ceremonial Magick; Navigators of the Mystic Sea Tarot; New Star Tarot; The Stone Tarot; CBD Tarot de Marseille; Tarot of the Masters
  • New Tarot Decks: Diary of a Broken Soul by Ash Adbullah (Aeclectic Tarot Top Ten Deck Selection); I Am One Tarot by Maya Britan; Snowland Tarot by Ron and Janet Boyer; Silenus Tarot by Mike Indovina