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Tarot Pink For Cancer
Collaborative Tarot Deck to Support Breast Cancer Research

The Challenge and Our Cause

Tarot is known to inspire, offer perspective and provide insight into life's many emotional, spiritual and physical challenges.

Inspired by the ongoing challenges of dealing with breast cancer, a group of the Tarot community's most accomplished creators have come together to collaborate on a special Tarot deck to support this cause. Tarot Pink for Cancer is being created as an inspirational healing deck, and to serve as a fund raiser to benefit breast cancer research.

Tarot Pink for Cancer represents a healing Tarot created to provide Inspiration, Empowerment, and Support for the Wellness Journey that many women will or have taken in their courageous battle against breast cancer. Over 60 of Tarot's most talented creative people have contributed their time and talents to support this noteworthy cause.

Creative Inspiration

This Group is the Creative Power behind several hundred Tarot decks and books, and they have published over a dozen Tarot decks that have been honored with Top Ten Tarot deck recognition. Collectively, they have derived creative energy and inspiration from each other, and have come together to create this unique deck. The deck consists of 78 cards created by each artist and accompanied by their personal interpretations and inspirations. You will find Tarot Pink for Cancer to be a beautifully rendered collection of inspirational images created by Tarot's best talents, with a special message of empowerment and healing. It's an inspirational deck suited for your own wellness journey, or for a relative or friend who might need the supportive message embodied by the deck.

The App and Printed Deck
Under the sponsorship of Tarot eCards, the App Publisher (WizardToo) is publishing both a Tarot Pink for Cancer Mobile App and a printed Tarot deck. The Tarot Pink App will be released for both the Apple iPad and iPhone, and Android devices in July. The Tarot Pink for Cancer deck will be available in October. The deck will consist of large format cards (3 1/4" X 5 1/2") and will be available for Breast Cancer Awareness month. A significant portion from the sale of these products will be donated to support breast cancer research. Tarot eCards is committed to make this an important outreach to the world community and your support would be much appreciated.

You can also help our Cause by spreading the word about Tarot Pink for Cancer to all your friends around the world. Use the Tarot Pink deck or App for your own wellness journey, or gift it to a friend who might need the supportive message embodied by the deck. Help us show the world that Tarot can be a powerful empowerment and inspirational tool in the fight against breast cancer.

Creators and Project Team

Alison Stone, Andi Todaro, Andrew Kyle McGregor, Anissa Morello, Arnell Ando, Ash Goh, Barbara St. Jacques, Benebell Wen, Beth Seilonen, Bob Greyvenstein, Carmen Waterman, Carrie Paris, Casey DuHamel, Chanel Bayless, Cheryl Fair, Chris Ernest Paradis, Ciro Marchetti, Diane Brandt-Wilkes, Donnaleigh de LaRose, Elizabeth Hazel, Emily Carding, Erik Dunne, Eric K. Lerner, Erika McGinnis, Gaby Merman, Gina Thies, Gordana Curgus, Heather Mendel, HeeWon Sohn, Isha Lerner, J.r. Rivera, James Battersby, James Ricklef, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Jason Ng, Jeffery Donato, Jill Scott, Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman, Jonathan Saiz, Katalin Csikos-Gould, Kathleen Ryan Anderson, Katrina Wynne, Kenjii Liu, Kris Waldherr, Lee Bradford, Lisa de St. Croix, Major Tom Schick, Margaret Letzkus, Marie Roberts, Marie White, Mary Greer, Mary Griffin, Mellissae Lucia, Michelle Jackson, Pamela Steele, Paula Millet, Rhonda Delaune Welch, Robert Place, Ron Leong, Roxi Sim, Stacy Bergener, Sue Silva, Virginia Marie Jester